MARIOS PAPATHANOS S.A. company established on 1998 and derived from the TECHNODOMIKI PAPATHANOU LTD company' s fracture.

The company headquarters is lodged in a privately owned building which is located on 30, Laodikis street in the centre of Glyfada city and goes in the construction of houses , office buildings and stores at the Glyfada and Voula areas and furthermore at Spetses island.

Marios Papathanos, the company establisher and civil engineer, has over 30 years of experience as member of TECHNODOMIKI PAPATHANOU LTD and later through MARIOS PAPATHANOS S.A.

Marios Papathanos has supervised and constructed more than 50 accommodation and commercial buildings on wide Glyfada area and more than 30 private houses at Spetses island. 

His perennial experience, his persistence about the construction high quality, the plunge into technical problems, the quest for innovative solutions and the selection of modern materials in co-operation with experienced and classic engineers, architects, decorators, mechanical engineers and technicians contributed to the maximum ergonomics, the area exploitation and to the safe application of modern design with high aesthetics demands. The avant-garde design and construction techniques according to the continuous experiment with high tech materials,  innovative forms, new methods electromechanical installations and the perpetual aesthetical quests characterize the MARIOS PAPATHANOS S.A. projects.

The benefits of MARIOS PAPATHANOS S.A. become from the architectural consideration, decoration, construction supervising till maintenance of the completed project.